HARDWARE CHAIN&Manufacturing Smart Internet

Manufacturing chain

To establish a blockchain public chain that meets the unique needs of the manufacturing industry, and to carry out innovation revolutions from the interaction layer, the physical layer, and the protocol layer, ultimately making the manufacturing chain an ecological link linking all elements of the manufacturing world.

Smart chip

Develop smart chips based on physical devices and physical objects, link everything, and collaborate on everything. Meet the smart manufacturing and contribution consensus mechanism.

Holographic cellular network

The holographic biological characteristic stereo link network meets various elements in the ecology and provides stable interconnection and operation of various DeOSes and Dapps, effectively addressing fragmentation and high frequency applications.

Intellectual Value Consensus System

The basic chain and application chain running on the manufacturing chain follow the consensus-building mechanism of the value-for-money collaboration, and according to this mechanism, it forms a measure of contribution.

Application scenario

Global Wisdom Docking Made in China

The use of blockchain technology to achieve global personal innovation ideology, innovative product design, technical capabilities, technological achievements, excess value, etc. directly through the manufacturing chain to Chinese manufacturing companies.

supply chain finance

The financial sector used in manufacturing supply chain multi-participation includes: warehouse receipts pledge financing, accounts receivable financing, bill escrow discounting, consumer finance management, and bulk commodity trading.

Traceability of manufacturing products

Tracking traceability of manufacturing product holographic life cycle, static (intrinsic characteristics) and dynamic (transfer, credit, etc.) information recording and query of articles.

Supply chain token exchange

The use of tokens to achieve procurement between the industry or regional supporting enterprises, accelerate inter-company trade, resolve issues such as integrity and triangular debt, and revitalize corporate liquidity difficulties.

Technical features

Simple construction

The multi-mode book structure and business model facilitate the rapid construction of applications.

Massive support

Efficient transaction verification and synchronization support the scale of millions and even billions of users.

Open source hardware design

Convenient access to manufacturing hardware terminal equipment.

Everything Internet

Links to all resources that can be linked in the manufacturing industry, coexist, share, and benefit.

Built-in smart contract

Provides a number of standard smart contract templates for manufacturing, and supports programmable contract development.

Rich application scenarios

Covers manufacturing from smart sharing, supply chain finance, collaborative manufacturing, product traceability, property rights certification, intellectual property declaration, national marketing, and shared warehouse receipts.


  • 2018
  • March 2018token release, website online
  • May 2018Token listed in the exchanges
  • 2018 Q2Demo version of Wallet completed
    Global intelligence docking with Chinese-built “ShuaShua” Program V1.0 online
    Relevant project platform incentive policies accomplished and implemented
  • 2018 Q3Test public chain online
    Ecological application comprehensive planed
    user group expansion
  • 2020Global intelligence docking with Chinese-built “ShuaShua” international version released
    Collaborative manufacturing technology test online
    Associating with “Thousand Talents Program,” manufacturing blockchain project innovation incubator achieved
  • 2021~Public chain comprehensively upgrading to the global market, manufacturing industry entering the era of Intelligent manufacturing


Yang Bo

Founder of Hardware Chain and Internet of Intelligences construction, expert of Internet and software development, founding partner of China’s hardware & electromechanical manufacturing industry e-commerce platform www.wjw.cn, who has over 10 years of working experience in hardware & electromechanical manufacturing and Internet, with a thorough understanding of the industrial application of blockchain.


Main founder of Hardware Chain and Internet of Intelligences construction, developer of Hardware Chain core innovation and application, expert of China’s big data, AI, and Internet technology architecture, who graduated from Zhejiang University a Master Degree in Software Engineering, used to be big data research leader in a renowned Internet company and R&D leader of mobile technology.

Consultant Team

Wei Jiakui

CEO of Shenzhen Cloud Co., Ltd, superior blockchain expert, core developer of Minglian, honorary Professor of EDHEC Business School supervised by Shenzhen Blockchain.

Huang Jun

General Manager of Hangzhou Etaray Co., Ltd, expert of domestic cryptology and encryption technology, especially outstanding in data encryption and cloud safety.

Zhu Renhe

President of China National Hardware Electric and Chemical Products Commercial Association, devoting to innovation, development, promotion, and organization of China’s hardware & electromechanical manufacturing industry, who is hailed as the “real expert” of the industry with extremely high reputation and influence.

Zhu Huilin

Vice President of China National Hardware Electric and Chemical Products Commercial Association, Executive President and Secretary General of Zhejiang Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce and Zhejiang Hardware Tool Association, superior expert in hardware & electromechanical manufacturing industry, who has over 30 years of working and researching experience with special understanding of national and international industrial technologies, enterprises and developing trends.

Li Jindong

President of Zhejiang UNITEMOTOR Co., Ltd, Top 100 corporates of Yongkang China’s hardware capital, original technology and quality leader of Yongkang Auto Motor plant, China’s motor technology expert, engineer, superior economist, EMBA, and leader of technology application and achievement of China’s intelligence product balance car.

Liu Jianping

President of Kunming Sanxin Control Engineering Co.,Ltd, superior engineer, an expert in the manufacturing industry, who graduated from Tsinghua University a Master Degree in Automation, and has over 30 years of working experience with special contributions to intelligent control.

Li Jianhong

Expert of China’s hardware & electromechanical manufacturing industry and Internet e-commerce application, leader and practitioner of blockchain application, founder of China’s well-known hardware & electromechanical manufacturing industry e-commerce platform www.wjw.cn, and founder of www.ddc.net.cn.